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Titanium DJMTB 26" wheel sized lairdframe for sell. Serial number #Ti-88. Customer ordered a frame and decided he didn't want the geometry he ordered after it was built. We worked out a deal and he ordered another frame and I kept this one. This frame has never been put together.

The geometry

TT - 22.7"
HT - 70.2°
SO - 12"
BBH - 13.6"
ST - 70.7°
CS - 14.8"

all measurements are center to center.


  • 44mm Headtube 120mm tall
  • IS Disc brakes mounts
  • 110mm rearend spacing (BMX hub width)
  • 10mm axle slot size in dropouts
  • can except a 2.4" tire width
  • raw titanium finish

DJMTB Titanium 26” Wheel Sized

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